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Nikki Falk
April - 2022

Exhibition Description

“Synesthesia” is a collection of pieces that visually depict human experiences through a series of abstract paintings. Here, the depth of emotion is visually communicated in an abstract form, as language alone could not possibly carry enough words for it. Each visual piece and its title is one that has been experienced and seen by the artist in the form of color in real time.

Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which the stimulation of a sensory pathway creates an involuntary stimulation of an unrelated sense at the same time. Often times, an individual with Synesthesia will hear a sound and also see the sound as colors and textures in real time. This has brought the artist to tangibly see emotion, moments, and the 5 senses in the form of color, texture, and shapes. Falling in love looks like pink and blue swimming in clouds of white, grapes taste like purple and green with sparks of yellow, and spilling your cup of coffee right after you buy it feels like streaks of dark blue and red soaring through a textured black background. Inviting the community to feel deeply and see deeply in shared (and unshared) encounters, the artist will be bringing viewers into the home of her heart - a living room of sorts. 

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