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Playing House

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Playing House


B Arriaga
May - 2022

Exhibition Description


Playing House is a collection of three dollhouses in a simulated day-care environment. The dollhouses are inspired by my traumas, experiences, and fears. I’ve attempted to repackage my hardships in a cute, soft, and miniature form. This space will be used for play and temporary age regression, all are invited to join me for tea parties, storytime, and dress up throughout the show week.


As a traumatized child in an adult’s body, cute things have been a pacifier for my anxieties and surrounding myself with pink calms me when I feel overwhelmed. I discovered miniature art as a child and have worked with the style since then, most recently incorporating themes of gore and horror as well. I believe that the combination of cute and disturbing perfectly encapsulates my psyche.


When looking at my dollhouses, you may notice that instead of human dolls, I use rats. I feel a personal connection to the creatures as they are unwanted pests to some and adored pets to others. Rats are intelligent, resilient, mischievous, and adaptable survivors. 

About the Artist

B Arriaga (he/they) is a queer artist and traumatized child. His difficult childhood has led him to appreciate the lighter side of life and his special interests include My Little Pony, Sanrio, and cannabis. As a neurodivergent person, they have navigated their chaotic life using humor and art as a tool for expression and emotional relief. His themes include domesticity, mental illness, interpersonal relationships, and trauma. B uses art as a medium to work through reality and imagination and to unpack their personal experiences.

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