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Lost & Found

Grace Warren, Angel Ponce, Brenton Haslam, Marlena Goodman, and Eileen Bettinger
April - 2022

Exhibition Description

The Honors Art students at UCSB Dept of Art cordially invite you to the following two receptions showcasing their culmination of artistic works from 2022. TH3N & NOW will hold an opening reception on April 11th from 4-7 PM while L0$T & F0uND will close out the show on April 22nd from 5-8 PM. This two-week show explores themes of autonomy, anonymity, and process. Many artists are examining the self and the apparatus of cultural production at large. This select group of artists will be working across a multiplicity of mediums: including mark making, portraiture, book arts, video, sculpture, installation, collage & photography.

About the Artists

Grace Warren

Grace Warren is a Los Angeles based artist who uses her work to explore what it means to be human in this rapidly advancing world. Warren hopes to highlight the ways in which human beings have attempted to insulate ourselves from the so-called “natural” world, and the problems that arise from this lack of connection to the environment. Within her work, there is also a focus on identity and how this is constructed within the context of a simultaneously apathetic and anxious society.

Angel Ponce (she/they)

Through the use of visual metaphors Angel connects the body as a site of development. Our relationships with our bodies and everybody as a cycle within nature. Motifs of organic forms honor this connection. Much of her work draws from sociological and psychological explorations of the self and community. They play in critiquing broader systems of capitalism and colonialism through collage, sculpture, video, and oil painting. Angel also sees art as a mechanism for healing and relationship building interacting with expressions of tenderness, intimacy and vulnerability. They will attend graduate school for Art Therapy at Loyola Marymount University in the fall.

Marlena Goodman

Marlena Goodman is a Los Angeles based multimedia artist who utilizes discarded materials and performance and video to peel back and expose the inherent abject nature of the human body. By exposing her own personal and intimate experiences through the creation of un-human characters and portraits, Goodman reminds us that pain, imperfection, and the grotesque are all part of the human experience.

Eileen Bettinger

Eileen Bettinger is a San Francisco based multidisciplinary artist. Through layered compositions and hyper-saturated colors, her work explores the overlapping and conflicted feelings associated with growing up in a consumerist and digitally dependent society. Works loaded with text convey the overwhelming onslaught of both socio-political and superficial information that seems to permeate every waking hour of daily life. Using techniques that straddle fine art and graphic design, she reframes the language of marketing to undermine the hollow and ironic messages presented by commercialism while highlighting their connection to privilege.

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