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Between Memories


Xuedan Ge (Constance) and Ziwen Ye (Rex)
May - 2022

Exhibition Description

This exhibition is mainly about the California sunshine, landscape, and sea. Although these are “common” and “frequent” in California, they are precious memories in the eyes of two graduating international students, Constance and Rex. From an observer’s point of view, they will express California in their own minds through painting and photography, as a final reminder of the land they are leaving behind. 

This exhibition consists of both painting and photography together. Photography is a way for people to make memories. When reminiscing, photographs often help people to recall past times. The photographs on display were taken by Rex. Other paintings done by Constance want to show the images of memories in people’s minds, which seem to have shapes but are not so clear.

About the Artists

Born and raised in China, Xuedan Ge (Constance) came to UC Santa Barbara for undergraduate study in 2018. She is now a fourth-year double major in Art and Communication. Specializing in painting and digital drawing, she focuses on building expressive and realistic paintings using harmonious colors and rich details. She will graduate in June of 2022 and then pursue her master’s degree in digital social media at the University of Southern California. 

Ziwen Ye (Rex), born and raised in China. He majored in Film and Media Studies at UC Santa Barbara, and graduated in the winter of 2022. He has been engaging with photography for more than six years and has been trying and learning photography with his personal interests. He hopes to capture moments of life through his photos. He will pursue his master's degree in the fall of 2022.

Between Memories
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