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Artists' Books and Ephemera


Angel Ponce, Keilani Snyder, Lily Habas, Meiya Sidney, Irene Suh, Isabella Millet, Izzy Bahamonde-Partlan, Izumi Murase, and Zoe Bartholot
April - 2022

Exhibition Description

“Artists’ Books and Ephemera”, a group exhibition exploring the works of our very own UCSB students from ART CS 105 (Introduction to Artists’ Books and Publications: 10 Books in 10 Weeks)! Taught by Professor Linda Esktrom, this exhibition is the result of the class’s hard work in developing research for their respective themes and creating their own book structures. The exhibition showcases the works of Angel Ponce, Keilani Snyder, Lily Habas, Meiya Sidney, Irene Suh, Isabella Millet, Izzy Bahamonde-Partlan, Izumi Murase, and Zoe Bartholot.

About the Artists

40A3D13F-8933-4528-9E70-5DAC4EEB959D - Isabel Bahamonde-Partlan.jpeg

Izzy Bahamonde-Partlan (they/she/he) is a third year art major from San Francisco, California. Their background is in painting and drawing, specifically comics and illustration. Their work focuses on intersectionality, storytelling, and memory, both cultural and individual. If you’d like to support their art and see more, you can follow them on Instagram at @lemon.hobbit

IMG_0424 - Zoe Bartholot.jpeg

My name is Zoe M Bartholot (she/her), I am a French international student. I grew up in the countryside in the west region of France called Brittany. My focuses are graphic design and letterpress printing. Over the past few months I have felt a strong pull toward my country and culture, a feeling of longing for what I know. I decided to use those emotions in my art and began combining the languages of French & English. The book I am exhibiting today is titled Homesick, it puts into words and illustrates how it feels to long for a country that you no longer live in, regardless of your current feelings toward the new country you are in. The illustrations contrast maps of locations I feel attached to in both my hometown in France and in San Francisco where I lived for 2 years. 

Lily Habas (she/her) is a first-year student in the College of Creative Studies at UCSB majoring in Book Arts. Originally from Los Angeles, her emphasis lies in digital artwork and hand-illustration chronicling stories of women and cultural folklore. Grimm Tales is her first complete book under dead tree press and displays excerpts from the original Brothers Grimm fairy tales accompanied by original illustrations. You can follow and support her work at @sweetmilkcloud on Instagram.

A2E980E0-1BFD-4BEA-AD66-52578DB017FF - Isabella Millet.jpeg

Isabella Millet (she/her): I am a second year at UCSB, studying art in the college of creative studies, and History of Public Policy and Law in letters and sciences. My work generally explores ideas of climate change, religion, and community. The works I have in this show are reflective of my desires, anxieties, and research around issues of pregnancy and parenthood. I would love to hear from anyone who connects with the work! Please reach out to me via my art Instagram, @brightbeachesart.

Izumi Murase (she/her)Freshman CCS Book Arts Major collaborating with a Freshman Math Major.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 3.46.33 PM - Angel Ponce.png

Angel Sagrario Ponce (she/they) is a fourth year Art and Sociology double major at the University of California Santa Barbara. She incorporates her sociological studies within her art. They are interested in the relationship between human - nature. She currently does not have an artist website but you can follow along her journey via her instagram handle @angleponce

6EBE6E5C-F738-4642-A6F6-8C18D970072A - Meiya Sidney.jpeg

Meiya Sidney (she/her) is a Santa Barbara-based, Taiwanese-American artist who works in oil paint, watercolor and ink illustration, and book arts. Sidney’s recent work explores themes of nostalgia through illustration of environments, family, friends, and objects associated within a memory. She is inspired to memorialize and encapsulate these particular moments in time as a part of the narrative they tell about life. In 2021, she was the recipient of the Katherine Jones Starr Endowed Art Scholarship, The Eichholz Foundation Arts Fund Scholarship, and The Audie Love Award. Studying at UCSB as an Art and Chinese double major and working as a gallery assistant at Maune Contemporary, Sidney is continuously learning about art that informs her practice and mission of creating art with an intimate, loving presence. 

instagram: @meiyaart e: p: (805)335-3885

5D6393A2-E4FA-463A-A524-970B85A518EC - Keilani Snyder.jpeg

Keilani Snyder (she/her): I am a current senior in the College of Creative Studies Book Arts program. Much of my work has focused on intersectional identity, liminality, and a celebration of organic life! My recent work utilizes found objects and textiles which I manipulate to create unique abstractions and juxtapositions.

drawing - Irene Suh.jpg

Hi, my name is Irene Suh (she/her)! I am a fourth year CCS Art major and an Asian American Studies minor. "rooted memories" is my book focusing on trees as witnesses as I connect them with particular memories I have with these places. To highlight my illustrations, I utilize wooden cutouts to express a sense of fragility and the ephemerality of such moments. The structure of my book relies on its accordion spine which allows its form to be opened completely flat as well as stand on its own! Opening the book into a circle while it is standing serves as an act of the book “branching out” as it faces different directions. Made up of Aspen and Rives paperwood, BFK paper, and ribbon, "rooted memories" is an edition of one. I hope you enjoy! Check me out on instagram @iirbee <3.

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