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Transient Identity

May 15th- May 21st, 2022

Reception Thursday May 19th 4-7pm

Glass Box Gallery B


Transient Identity: A Display of Self Reflection presents the work of painters Jasmin Tupy and Tristan Patterson. This exhibition houses a collection of each artist’s body of work centered around the self portrait. Each of these artists use their ever-changing perceptions of the self as a tool to create a vast array of colorful self portraits. Tupy and Patterson are interested in using painting as a way to assess and represent the way they see themselves, and to express the feelings of impermanence and entropy within the human psyche. As they continually look inward to further understand who they are, varying styles of paint manipulation are the result of their deep introspection. 

Tupy's portraits work as a form of self exploration by depicting the subject in a vulnerable state. More specifically, the collection is a reflection and introspection of herself over the past few years. Being a young adult, impermanence presents itself at every corner. Using a

About the Exhibition

colorful palette, textures, and numerous layers of paint, she portrays the subject’s character beyond its physical state. Through smearing, pushing, scraping, and dripping the paint, she represents the inner chaos and transience of the human experience. Furthermore, Tupy’s subjects in her paintings create eye contact with the audience, breaking the fourth wall. The work in this series offers a bridge for the audience to see a piece of themselves in the self reflective artwork.

Patterson uses well balanced color composition as a way to distract the viewer from each of his portraits. He often says about his work that he wishes to use painting as a way to deliberately direct the viewer’s attention across the canvas. Initially the viewer is meant to gravitate toward the central figure and then quickly become distracted by something that appears to be eerily misplaced.

By depicting themselves several times through expressive paint handling and vivid color application, Tupy and Patterson hope to convey the effects of the human condition. By seeing themselves from different perspectives, they have gained a new understanding of who they are, who they want to be, and perhaps, who they are meant to be.

About the Artists

 Jasmin Tupy is a Santa Barbara based Asian American artist originally from Vacaville, California. She is currently attending the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is set to graduate in June of 2022 with a BA in both Communication and Art.

Impermanence, self reflection, identity, and the human experience are themes at the forefront of Tupy’s work. She primarily works with acrylic and oil paints and focuses mainly on self portraiture. Her semi-realistic and introspective work utilizes bold, vibrant colors. Additionally she enjoys the different physical qualities each medium expresses on the canvas. 


Tristan Patterson is a painter and draftsman from the San Francisco Bay Area. His interest in the academic style has resulted in the body of work that he presents today. Looking back to many French, Dutch, and Italian masters, Patterson utilizes their means of methodical creation while actively exploring more modern, individualistic ways to express himself without being bound to tradition. Through the use of carefully harmonized color schemes, the figures in Patterson’s work are often meant to be paid divided attention by the viewer. Reflecting the artist’s desire to elevate his status through painting, his work also demonstrates how he may feel timid about being the recipient of numerous gazes.

Playing House

May 15th - May 21st, 2022

Reception Wednesday, May 18th 6- 8 pm

Glass Box Gallery A

Playing House is a collection of three dollhouses in a simulated day-care environment. The dollhouses are inspired by my traumas, experiences, and fears. I’ve attempted to repackage my hardships in a cute, soft, and miniature form. This space will be used for play and temporary age regression, all are invited to join me for tea parties, storytime, and dress up throughout the show week.


As a traumatized child in an adult’s body, cute things have been a pacifier for my anxieties and surrounding myself with pink calms me when I feel overwhelmed. I discovered miniature art as a child and have worked with the style since then, most recently incorporating themes of gore and horror as well. I believe that the combination of cute and disturbing perfectly encapsulates my psyche.


When looking at my dollhouses, you may notice that instead of human dolls, I use rats. I feel a personal connection to the creatures as they are unwanted pests to some and adored pets to others. Rats are intelligent, resilient, mischievous, and adaptable survivors. 


Playing House will be on display in Glass Box A at UC Santa Barbara from May 15th to the 21st. A reception will be held on Wednesday, May 18th from 6pm to 8pm. Please come dressed in your cutest playwear to enjoy games, snacks, and tea.


Trigger warning for themes of gore, abuse, medical trauma, mental illness, and death.

About the Exhibition 
Untitled 2_Original.jpeg
About the Artist

B Arriaga (he/they) is a queer artist and traumatized child. His difficult childhood has led him to appreciate the lighter side of life and his special interests include My Little Pony, Sanrio, and cannabis. As a neurodivergent person, they have navigated their chaotic life using humor and art as a tool for expression and emotional relief. His themes include domesticity, mental illness, interpersonal relationships, and trauma. B uses art as a medium to work through reality and imagination and to unpack their personal experiences.


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